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I was very moved by this book and read through it quite quickly. I savored the reading as I enjoyed Cristy's travels vicariously. But more than that, I was left feeling like Cristy is an extraordinary being. I met Cristy on a trip to Kailash and about fell off the bus when she told me she was 22 years old! Mature, able, engaging, beautiful, I thought she must be late 30's. So to read Cristy's background and full journey of a decade, confirms how extraordinary she is indeed. The vulnerability to reveal feelings that many spend a lot of energy concealing, is itself a healing for the reader, well, for this reader. Thank you Cristy, I am still digesting this journey you shared. Don't know if everyone will feel like we have a new friend, let us know!
Dr. Sarah Lane, Montana
This book was a profound journey to the soul - that grabs you and holds onto you from cover to cover. Where the Light Begins is a coming of age story, about a young woman searching for her identity, as both a person on this planet finding her path in life and work, and as a spiritual being. From Christian Cults to Tibetan monks, and from Bangkok penthouses to silent retreats, you are taken along with her, as she eloquently and vulnerably shares her journey. This book was an inspiration on so many levels – to never forget to travel and explore, but also to take a journey inward. Truly a great read, I couldn't put it down!
Eva Linderborg, Amsterdam
I enjoyed Cristy Elmendorp's first book. It shows how you are not necessarily a product of your upbringing. You can become who you are supposed to be if you're interested in the journey and risks that will take you there--because finding that person is not necessarily easy. She tells her unique life story in an easy to read, matter-of-fact manner without judgement or blame and in a way that shows she understands that the difficult parts of your life are the ones you grow from. I wanted to feel more emotions from her at times, but that was the only thing lacking. As you read, you'll find yourself reflecting on your own life, how you got to where you are, and if that's where you want to be. Worthwhile!

Ambrose Bittner, Seattle
This is one of those books that once you begin it's hard to leave. Cristy has a style that makes the reading effortless. Hers is a distinct journey. The struggle to shake loose religious dogma inculcated at such a young and impressionable age is a daunting task even for the strongest of wills. Cristy describes it in a raw and vulnerable "no holds barred" manner. Determined to live life on her terms, I would recommend this book to anyone with a sincere desire to abandon socially encouraged norms and preconceived notions and live life to the fullest. I sincerely thank Cristy for taking me on this inimitable journey with her and have given this book a five-star rating.
Gil Gillenwater, Arizona
The author brings you on her journey of personal growth and self-discovery filled with intriguing events and encounters as she travelled from country to country in her childhood. I found her stories extraordinary yet incredibly easy to relate to. While reading, I found myself constantly reflecting on my own personal experiences, it even stirred up some memories and experiences that I had myself forgotten. Certainly a very mindful and thoughtfully written book, I thoroughly enjoyed this effortless read and after every session, was left feeling inspired and motivated. I will definitely be on the lookout for more books from her!

Fang Jones, Amsterdam
Cristy Elmendorp has an interesting story to tell. About the journeys she made in different countries and with different beliefs, but most of all the journey she made in discovering her own identity. She has a way of describing places and people that makes you feel you are there with her. The book is easy to read, also for readers for whom English is not the native language. I highly recommend this book!
Maaike Runia, Rotterdam
I've been reading Cristy's book, not at all what I had expected . . . I suspect if you get into it you will not want to put it down. I am constantly wanting to see what happens next, the suspense is building and she is only 21 years old and I have only read about half her short life. I'll be really interested to see if you are captured by the adventure and suspense as I have been. WOW is all I have to say.
Frank Balma, San Francisco
Put on your seatbelts! Where the Light Begins takes you on a thrilling yet spiritual and thought-provoking journey around the world, as a passenger in the early life of Cristy Elmendorp. Cristy is a humble, intellectual young woman with a contagious ability to question the basis of her thoughts and beliefs. She has a fantastic way with words, articulating her life experiences with fluidity, resulting in a fun, immersive reading experience. Pick this up, and I assure you, you won't want to put it down again.

Nathan Jones, Amsterdam
It is impressive how Cristy describes a part of her life in such an immersive way. In the book, Cristy describes how she manages to find herself, despite the strong influences from family and relationships around her. The journey is full of beautiful details that makes it easy to imagine the characters and environment. There are so many extraordinary things happening that the story almost resembles a novel: a new adventure in every chapter. I'm curious about the next book!

Elvira Ceylan, Amsterdam
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